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SIde A
YES...THAt's PositIVe
MATTer Of FaCt
DowaGer’s HUMp
GIvE My ReGards to BoLd st

SiDe b
PepPERcorn RenT
Works Like A ChARm
Ploth KEp
DiD yoU SEe The sEa?
yoU TrEAt Me (Like... more

FuN wITH MuSIc © a.P.A.t.T. 2015 aLL rigHts resErVed, All sOngs were wriTTen and PeRFORmed in MersYSouP

ReCorded & PrOduceD by GeNEral MIDI at Whatstudio?

CoVEr PhotOgRAph bYJOn BunTING, licENseD uNDer CC BY 2.0

a.P.A.t.T. 2015 iS/was:
BOss A NovA, DoRoTHy WAVe, OsCaR lAter, Col LegNo, GeNEral MIDI, Mr pHi, D.C offSeT, PriVATe dANcEr, JonBoNe & EmPRess Play
FuN wITh MUsic’s PalEtte is/Was : VaRIous AcOUstic DruMS, SiMMons SD400, KorG microPreset
KorG MoNoTroN Casio Vl1, StyLoPHOne, VOx ContINental, FaRfisa, B4, harPsiChoRd, UpRighT PIAno,
GraND PiANo, HarPSichOrd, AccORdioN, AlESIs MiCron, LOgic prO 9/X, alTo SAXophone,
TenOr SAxoPhone, ClarINet, TUba, CellO, Flute, BaSSOoN, VIOlin, VioLA BaSS, UPRight BAss,
EleCtric guITAr, NyloN and sTeeLAcoUstiC GuITarS, lApstEEl, VoIceBoX, VibrAphoNe, GlocKenSpieL,
XyLopHone, MarIMba, TapElooPS, PhoneTaPs, ShouTing iN RooMS, UndeRwATer MicropHONes, SpaCe EchOEs.

ALl muSical doNAtions wElcome
THaNKS to tHOse peOPle who lisTen to muSIc aNd buy iT and coME to shows
aNd say heLLo and stUFF like tHAt...it’s nice.x

TraCks 3,7,11 aNd 14 aRe BoNUs